We help young people aged 11 to 18 from underestimated backgrounds to launch their own startup businesses by inspiring, equipping and funding them.

We run our incubator in secondary schools across the UK.

Our clients understand that engaging and impacting Gen Z young people is vital to their future as a business.

We enable our clients to do both in an authentic and engaging way.

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We start with a talk given by one of
our carefully selected founders. It
will discuss everything from the
founder themselves, their struggles,
and their business. This is designed
to ignite the spark in your students.
After this talk our 8 week incubator


DivInc’s 8 week incubator will take
your students through the process of
founding their startup, from
marketing to business planning, using
our videos and resources. Your
students will have access to
world class mentors, who will give them
guidance whenever needed.


Your students will, upon completion
of our incubator, be able to pitch to
us and to investors where they can
gain advice, guidance and possibly
even funding for their startup. This
isn’t the end, it’s merely the beginning
of their journey.


96% of Headteachers would recommend DivInc.

93% of our clients found accessing Gen Z talent through DivInc useful for their social media and recruitment strategies.

89% of students felt more confident to start their own business after working with DivInc.


I feel very lucky that DivInc has come to our school. The pupils are engrossed, and this is leading to amazing thinking, organisation and communication. When I tell people, nobody can believe that pupils as young as 7 get the opportunity to develop business ideas. DivInc has harnessed what we’ve long known; children are full of the most wondrous ideas.

Mr Unwin, Headteacher